Discover Our Recruitment Services

Discover Our Recruitment Services


Retained Search

When there’s urgency and operational dependency on a senior technical or business leadership role, a retained search provides the necessary budget to allow us to pull in multiple recruiters and researchers to conduct an in-depth search effort with complete candidate vetting.  It’s all hands on deck.  With a retainer (typically one third of the anticipated fee), we can compensate our recruiters and researchers enough to ensure they remain laser-focused.  The fee serves as a strong motivator for the recruitment team to fill the position with a high-quality candidate as quickly as possible.  Our generous performance guarantee acts as yet another filter helping ensure only the best candidates are submitted who, after in-depth behavioral and motivational fit interviewing, are most likely to remain in your organization for the long-term.  A retained search is best suited for critical, one-off, very difficult, and time-sensitive searches.


Dedicated Recruiter (RPO)

With one of our recruiters dedicated to your searches full-time or part-time, your organization will benefit from a tremendous increase in “candidate flow” directly to your hiring managers or internal talent acquisition team, but without the hefty placement fees.  This service is billed by the hour, and not per placement, saving thousands per hire.  This is commonly referred to as the “RPO” model (Recruitment Process Outsourcing).  It provides the reliability and consistency both employers and recruiters appreciate.

With this model, you are actually adding the horsepower of two people, since each of our dedicated recruiters is paired with a dedicated researcher at no extra cost.  Separating research and outreach activity more than doubles our recruiters’ output vs. the typical in-house or “contract recruiter” who does both research and outreach.  Instead of spending half the day looking for candidates and trying to find their contact data, our recruiters are provided with candidate data every day directly by our research team, allowing them to focus 100% of their time reaching out and engaging candidates on your behalf.  Our dedicated recruiters work virtually and are managed through robust system metrics and frequent interaction with our Account Managers while you receive excellent, qualified candidates each week who want to explore your opportunities.  We can work within your organization’s internal tools and processes, and as closely with your hiring managers or HR team as you like.